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Frequently Asked Questions

ClearView Cleaning Services

Many of our customers have specific questions about our professional cleaning services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions we hear at ClearView Cleaning. If you don't see your question, please call and ask us.

How do I know I can trust ClearView Cleaning?

ClearView Cleaning is a professional cleaning service and we have staff who pride themselves in quality cleaning services. Upon joining our team, each cleaner is trained to perform the detailed cleaning plans to our customers’ specifications. We stand behind our work with a 24-hour Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 24 hours to arrange for us to come back and re-clean the specific areas that did not meet your expectations.

Who does ClearView Cleaning hire to clean my home?

Our cleaning professionals are trained to properly clean your home or business.

Our Cleaners respect customers by never eating, drinking, smoking or using appliances during home cleanings. Our cleaners take pride in their work, receiving regularly updated training and supervision to ensure quality cleaning service.

How will our relationship work?

Communication is important for any relationship including ours. Our cleaning service clients understand we must earn your trust during every visit. It's why we're so flexible, offering customized cleaning service plans designed with your needs in mind. Creating this open communication and being flexible ensures your satisfaction as a long-term client.

What should I do before a home cleaning service?

To make our house cleaning services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to a visit from our housekeeping teams.

Do I have to be home during house cleanings?

No, you don’t have to be at your home or place of business when cleaning is being completed. 

Concerning access for cleaners that can be discussed whether its a key, FOB or passcode access to ensure your comfort.

What time does ClearView Cleaning arrive?

We will create a regularly scheduled cleaning time for your home or business.

Life is too short so working together to set a convenient time for everyone generally always works best.

What if something is damaged during a home cleaning?

We treat you and your home or business with complete respect. If something does happen we will make every effort to either repair or replace that item. We are fully insured, so claims are filed when appropriate.

What if my area was missed?

Our cleaning services strive to offer consistent, quality home cleaning. Like with any new relationship a miscommunication can occur and we may make a miss something. That is why we offer a cleaning service guarantee, which means if you call us within 24 hours, our cleaning staff will correct your request with NO additional charge.

Am I liable for workers' compensation, insurance or employment taxes?

ClearView Cleaning is a stress-free home and business cleaning service.

ClearView Cleaning is fully insured business for your protection and ours.

You can request a cleaning estimate from ClearView Cleaning right here on our website. To learn more, call us directly in Vermont (802) 770-4037 or New York (518) 222-7987 or call us at 1 (802) 775-6121.

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